Advocacy is an activity by a person or group with the aim of influencing decision makers within political, economic, and social systems/institutions. One of the mandates of social work is to advance the interests of social justice on behalf of populations or groups that have been disadvantaged, disempowered or discriminated against. We at Reality Science take pride in working with humanitarians, social advocacy groups and businesses within corporate social responsibility (CSR) ventures. CSR is a mindful business approach that encourages companies to become aware of their impact on the rest of society, including all stakeholders and the environment. Considering this, we work to help those exercise their rights and promote social change.



Balance Through Technology: How Can Corporations Harness Technology to Better Society and Not Just the Bottom Line? 

It is part of our mission to align the power of technology with that of the people in order to advance equality and social justice. Whether issue-based or systemic, we see advocacy as a process for learning, and an opportunity to spread information through new media technology. Media is a powerful, influential medium that can cultivate new ideologies and attitudinal changes. And we pledge to use our academic knowledge and technical resources ethically for social good.