To accelerate the process of moving from data collection to decision making, machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives computers the ability to learn without having to be programmed explicitly. Machine learning refers to a change in some way, shape or form once exposed to new information. This intelligence being exhibited by machines makes up AI, serving as the ideal smart machine that can perceive its environment and behave in a way that maximizes its success towards an arbitrary goal.



Humans Handle Abstract Thinking. How Can AI Accelerate Your Logic?

The importance of machine learning comes with the ability to quickly and automatically produce models that can analyze complex pieces of data with accurate results. Industries working with mass amounts of real time data see its function by being able to work more efficiently while simultaneously gaining an advantage over competitors. Humanity will always rule the domains of art, music and abstract philosophy.  But machines can give you a leg up in areas where logic reigns supreme.