Sometimes referred to as ergonomics or human engineering, human factors examine the behaviors and capabilities of people in order to discover the best ways to design products, equipment and systems. This field works cohesively with media psychology as it relates to a person’s behaviors, abilities, limitations, and other characteristics about one’s own relationship and use with technology. User experience (UX) is the process of enhancing a user’s satisfaction by improving the accessibility and pleasure given through interacting with a product. The user interface (UI) process compliments the UX, standing as the look and feel of a product; the digital field in code that guides the user through interactive elements.



People Are At the Center of Every Project. Are They the Center of Your Goals?

Having a psychological foundation to our practice allows us to use science as a means to inform the development of products and content creation. Our team diligently focuses on human factors within UX/UI spaces in order to advise you on how to optimize your project’s safe, effective, and most satisfying use by your audience. Human factors are essential in a user-centered design, and we at Reality Science work to ensure that the transference of your brand’s strengths and visual assets come across.